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Electronic records conversion coming soon

  • Published
  • By 36th Wing Military Personnel Flight
Beginning March 5, the 36th Wing Military Personnel Flight will quarantine all personnel records in preparation for mailing records to the Air Force Personnel Center in Texas for conversion into electronic records. Once the quarantine begins, the MPF will scrub each record to ensure a quality check is accomplished before they are sent to AFPC. 

Airmen should work with their Commander Support Staff to ensure the quality of their record and to make any copies for personal files. Each CSS is allowed to check out 10 personnel records at a time to maintain control of records management. 

The MPF asks for everyone's help in coordinating with their CSS as soon as possible to ensure they receive any copies they need before the March 5 cut-off date. After this date, access to records will be restricted to commanders, first sergeants, the base legal office and Office of Special Investigations. 

The Vision for the Air Force e-Records program is an e-Records environment across the Air Force in which each unit, base, major command, and Air Force headquarters repositories of paper copy personnel records will disappear. Instead, authorized users of personnel information will have instant update and recall capability of up-to-date personnel information. 

To facilitate the transition to e-Records a new electronic management system was created. Automatic Records Management System is designed to consolidate military personnel records processing to improve efficiency, reduce manpower and costs, and improve customer service. 

This concept allows for the elimination of field personnel records, providing a centralized master personnel record repository. When MPFs and CSSs need to access documents filed in the Unit Personnel Record Group, they will retrieve the document electronically from ARMS. 

The MPF thanks everyone for their patience during this transition. For more information, contact 2nd Lt. Josh Childers at 366-3690 or via e-mail at joshua.childers@andersen.af.mil.

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