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Award-winning Airman sets standard

  • Published
  • By Airman Basic Evan Carter
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
Striving for excellence is nothing new for a 36th Contracting Squadron Airman who was recently awarded a PACAF-level award for being the contracting Airman of the Year for 2006. 

After being stationed on Guam in July 2005 as his first duty station, Senior Airman Clayton Bodkin, 36th CONS, has consistently excelled at his job as a contracting specialist, said Tech. Sgt. Sonja Ervin, 36th CONS contracting specialist. 

Demonstrating high standards in his duty performance, Airman Bodkin single handedly administered $6 million in land mobile radio maintenance contracts, $2.2 million in purchasing orders in a mere 30 days; procured medical equipment for the new 36th Medical Group clinic in three days without a lapse in service during the process; saved $125,000 by reducing shipping costs on current and subsequent purchase orders; and achieved a 98 percent on his career development end-of-course test giving him his 5-level and a three-day pass for excellence awarded to him by the 36th Wing. 

Not only did he perform above par at work, but Airman Bodkin stayed busy with off duty activities as well. In 2005, he served as a trustee for the First Four Airman's Council before being elected as president of the council in 2006. As the president he was responsible for setting the agenda for monthly meetings, booking guest speakers and organizing fundraising and recreational events for Airmen. 

He has also volunteered to work the Airmen Against Drunk Driving Center on weekends to protect our war fighters, and also worked as a school crossing guard to protect our children. 

Technical Sergeant Sonja Ervin, Airman Bodkin's supervisor, explained that his hard work and his dedication to always strive for excellence will take him far in life. 

"He has always been a hard worker and excellent at all parts of his job on duty and very active in off duty activities," said Sergeant Ervin. "I could not ask for a better, more driven troop." 

In 2005, Airman Bodkin earned the 36th CONS Airman of the Quarter award twice, the 36th CONS Airman of the Year award, was named the PACAF Outstanding Contracting Enlisted Member for Andersen and also was promoted to senior airman below-the-zone. 

When asked how he felt about his latest award, Airman Bodkin was careful not to brag. He said that it wasn't a goal of his to win awards, rather they came as a bonus for his hard work. 

"I never strive to win awards. I just tried to be outstanding on and off duty at all times," said Airman Bodkin. "I could never be satisfied with anything less than perfect."

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