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General praises UCI efforts

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Douglas Owens
  • 36th Wing Commander
Please let me extend my heartfelt thanks to all those that worked diligently to prepare the wing for the PACAF Unit Compliance Inspection. We have come a long way since last spring when the 36th Wing celebrated its redesignation from the 1990s caretaker status to a 21st Century premier platform that is postured to support and generate operations across the spectrum of conflict. 

We owe the more than 90 inspectors who reviewed 20,000-plus line items a debt of gratitude. We needed a hard look and they gave it to us. Many of our squadrons and functional areas did super and were recognized with marks of "Excellent." 

To all those I offer hardy congratulations, it is well deserved. The inspection also highlighted areas that need continued attention. To those working and responsible for those areas, I and the rest of the wing stand ready to support you in developing and implementing solutions to those areas that need to be addressed. We now have a baseline of compliance and performance. Our challenge is to continue to improve on that baseline and move the 36th Wing forward. 

Again, I thank all of you for all the effort and energy you commit every day. I am proud of this wing and what we've achieved thus far-I expect us to strive to exceed and not just meet standards. We are America's Airmen and we are "Prepared to Prevail."

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