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Step it up in fitness classes

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  • By A1C Carissa Morgan
  • 36 Wg Public Affairs
"And one, and two, and a one, two, three, four!," shouts Carrie Lauck, as she instructs a step class at the Coral Reef Fitness Center.
Step class is an aerobics-style cardiovascular class that uses a step or raised block so one is constantly using their legs to step up and down. This class increases one's fitness and targets specific muscle groups.
Step Class is held at the fitness center in the aerobics room at 8:30 a.m. Mondays and Fridays and at 5 p.m. on Thursdays.
Each step class has five to 20 people in attendance and those participants enjoy the class because of their instructor.
"Carrie's workouts are really imaginative, and she keeps the pace fast which I enjoy," said Emilie Fidler, a library aide with the 36th Services Squadron. "She also adds in options for more advanced or simpler moves which means that everyone can go at their own level. I am a runner and an aspiring triathlete and I use Carrie's class as a fun exercise to break up my schedule.
I also think it helps my strength for hill running," Ms. Fidler added. "Group exercise is great for camaraderie and Carrie's enthusiastic manner really helps bring everyone together. It's awesome when we all get a move and the whole class is moving in sync."
Another step class participant spoke on the instructor's enthusiasm.
"I like step class because of the enthusiasm of the instructor and the movements are always changing so you never get bored," said Dacia Carreon, an accounting technician with the 36th Services Squadron.
With a motivating instructor step class has even more to offer, said Ms. Carreon.
I think everyone that attends step class enjoys it because of Carrie, the instructor. She is extremely motivating."
Each class is an hour long with a small 10-minute workout on abdominal muscles and a cool-down to finish off the workout.
There is a cool-down before the abs work out and there is stretching at the very end, said Ms. Fidler.
During step class a participant goes through many different step patterns or positions. A huge amount of step sequences are done in one session, said Ms. Fidler. Though, most of them build on the easier ones already learned, so one isn't learning new moves every five minutes.
"There are about six different step movements in each group and there are usually three different groups that are repeated," said Ms. Carreon. "These groups are repeated in order from one to two, one and two together, then three is done by itself and finally one, two and three are all combined."
The step class helps in several fitness areas and can be done by anyone, she said.
"Carrie is a wonderful teacher. Her routines have quite complicated choreography but she really breaks it down and shows you how to do it all. I am not very coordinated, but she has me doing moves I never thought I would be able to manage."
Between Ms. Fidler and Ms. Carreon there have been increases in their fitness, cardio conditioning, leg strength, coordination, balance and more energy.
For more information on the step class contact the Coral Reef Fitness Center at 366-6100.

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