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Base exchange - one year from completion

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Sonya Padilla
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
In approximately one year Andersen will have a new shopping complex that dwarfs the existing base exchange.

Andersen's new BX has been undergoing construction since Jan. 18 and looks to be running on schedule with an estimated completion date of Aug. 25, 2008, said Flor Payton, AAFES general manager.

As long as the weather continues like it has, the completion date will hold she said. So far rain has not caused unexpected delays, said Mrs. Payton. She said the contractors build in rain delays to their work schedule. As an example, rain has cancelled work only three out of the eight in weather delays that were anticipated for August, she added.

"We are very pleased and fortunate to have had such good luck with that," she said.

A major milestone in the construction was when the contractors poured the slab on grade foundation, said Maribel Del Rosario, base architect. She said that since the foundation's complete, people will be able to see more progress as contractors begin building the walls.

The newly proposed BX is set to be 165,000 sq ft, compared to the 26,000 sq ft facility Andersen currently has, said Mrs. Payton.

"We're excited to have the bigger space for the community," she said.

While no specific date is set, the grand opening is scheduled for late-August to early-September 2008 with plenty of gift giveaways to include gift cards, electronics and a brand new car donated by Base Exchange car sales, said Mrs. Payton.

Some of the features customers can expect are services such as a spa and an optical shop. The food choices are to include Popeye's, Charlie's, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Subway and a Baskin Robins, said Mrs. Payton.

"Not only is it one stop shopping for customers, but they'll also enjoy a wider selection of food and clothing," she said.

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