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Airman's Roll Call focuses on personal finances

  • Published
This week's Airman's Roll Call highlights ways Airman can improve their personal financial management.

Supervisors can direct struggling enlisted servicemembers to various organizations on the base to counsel Airmen on how to control spiraling debt. Every base has beginner financial management classes, and the Airman and Family Readiness Center has a wealth of information to educate Airman about managing debt.

Airman are also encouraged to participate in savings plans, especially the Thrift Savings Plan venue which allows money to grow through payroll allotments.

Read this week's Airman's Roll Call.

Airman's Roll Call is designed for supervisors at all levels to help keep Airmen informed on current issues, clear up confusion, dispel rumors and provide additional face-to-face communication.

To subscribe to an e-mail version of the product, visit Airman's Roll Call is one of 30 featured Air Force products that can be received via e-mail.

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