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AESC's Continuing Education Tuition Scholarship applications available

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Carissa Wolff
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
The Andersen Enlisted Spouses' Club offers the Continuing Education Tuition Scholarship to strengthen Andersen's community and families. This scholarship consists of two $500 scholarships awarded to the selected applicants

"Any spouse of an active duty, National Guard, or Reserve military member, both officer and enlisted, assigned to and currently residing on Guam qualify for this scholarship," said Bernie McFarling, the president of the Andersen Enlisted Spouses' Club. "Spouses of any command-sponsored civilian assigned to and currently residing on Guam are also eligible for this scholarship."

Other requirements of the AESC scholarship state the applicant must be considered a full-time student by their institution and retain a 2.5 grade point average. An applicant is disqualified from the AESC scholarship if they are currently under a full ROTC scholarship, merit scholarship, any other full scholarship or a government service school appointment.

The AESC scholarship applicants must submit an application by Apr. 25, to be considered. The AESC scholarship has three parts. The first two parts are the hard copy papers one and two. Part three of the application is and essay question that must be answered in 300 to 500 words typed and double spaced.

"Along with the application form other documents must be provided," said McFarling. "A Payment of Grants Form, a photocopy of the applicant's dependant ID card, both front and back and three letters of recommendation are also required with the application for review."

For the applicant to be awarded the AESC scholarship, the school of their choice must be an accredited institution that offers an Associate or Bachelor's degree program, or an accredited vocational or business school.

Upon selection for the AESC scholarship the awarded funds will be paid directly to the institution, and not the selected applicant, upon official written verification that they have been registered and are full time students according to their university. Transferring from one institution to another will not affect the funding.

"Scholarship monies may be used for tuition, required academic fees, or books," said McFarling. "However, if the selected applicant does not start using the funds by April 25, 2009, he or she must forfeit the award."

There were several fundraising events that the AESC members sacrificed their time for so this scholarship could be possible, said McFarling. "I am proud of our volunteers that raised the money for this scholarship and made it a reality instead of an idea."

Applicants wanting to apply for the AESC scholarship must mail their applications and documents to Andersen Enlisted Spouses' Club, Attn: Scholarship Chairperson, P.O. Box 4304, Yigo, Guam 96929-4304. 

For more information visit www.orgsites/al/aesc.

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