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My day at work with my mom

  • Published
  • By Michael Rea
  • Andersen Elementary School second grader
I had a good day. I got to go with my mom (Staff Sgt. Keumsuk Rea) on "Take Your Child to Work Day" and work with her in the office bio (Bioenvironmental Engineer) at the Andersen Clinic. 

When I got there I got to do the gas mask fit test. This is when you put the mask on your head and then you have to do regular breathing, second is deep breathing, third is breathing side-to side, fourth is breathing up and down, and last is breathing while pretending to chew gum with your mouth closed. If you get one failure you can retry if you want. It took me two tries. On the first try I failed two of them. On the second try I passed. 

I got a certificate that shows I passed and I can wear a gas mask now if I need to. If there is poison gas and I was in the clinic I might need the mask.

Next I did the sound level survey. I used a thing like a microphone. It shows what level of the sound it is. I tested my mom, Staff Sgt. William P. Mitchell, Airman Ryan Smith, and Tech. Sgt. Curtis T. McGehee. One of them, Sergeant Mitchell, was over 100 that means he might make someone deaf. 

Before lunch I had to pick up a tool that came in a box then I got to go to lunch with my mom at Top of The Rock. I got to go with a group from her office. It was good because my mom ordered a salad with the bowl that was edible. I ate the bowl, she ate the salad. 

Then I got to do water sampling at the base pool. I filled up a tiny bottle. You have to have the water right under the line. I got water from the big pool and the baby pool. I put some red stuff in the water and put it in the machine. I'm not sure what the red stuff was but it tests the water to see if the pool is safe to swim in. I also had to do a free chlorine test on the water. All the tests showed that the water was safe to swim in. 

I was playing with sleeping grass at the clinic and I learned that it's real name Momosa Pudica. Sergeant Mitchell helped me look it up. I saw that some people call it the tickle-me-not. Also, some people call it the touch-me-not. 

Out of my whole day at work with my mom, I liked the gas mask testing the best because I passed and got a certificate. I would like to work in the office bio when I grow up or I would like to be a policeman. I really liked my day at work and I hope everybody gets to do it in every school.

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