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Civilians appointed to head Andersen Development Office

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Angelique Smythe
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
In order to develop continuity in the office which oversees Andersen's developing projects and to avoid constant military turnovers, three civilians were appointed to serve in the new Andersen Development Office.  

On April 21, Brig. Gen. Douglas Owens, 36th Wing commander, stood up the Andersen Development Office with the approval of the Pacific Air Forces commander.

The Andersen Development Office covers two very broad tasks. One is to oversee the implementation of the Joint Region Marianas for the Air Force. And the second is to oversee the many activities associated with the upcoming and ongoing military build-up on Guam that pertains to the Air Force.

"We have been managing these activities, and the people managing them have done a spectacular job, especially Lt. Col. Stephen Shrewsbury, 36th Wing Staff Judge Advocate, and Col. Russ Cutting, 36th Mission Support Group deputy commander," said Steve Wolsborsky, Andersen Development Office chief. "But they were doing that in addition to their regular duties which presented quite a load."

For continuity and consistency purposes, General Owens believed it would be better to form an Andersen Development Office with civilians in place who would be able to see these actions through over longer periods of time.

"It was necessary to hire highly qualified people to manage this and have one office focus on these actions which are so important to the Air Force and our defense," said General Owens. "By making the positions civilian positions, it allows us to develop continuity in the positions and avoid the constant turnovers when there are military members in these positions."

The Andersen Development Office consists of three people. The chief is Mr. Wolborsky, a retired Air Force colonel and former 36th Wing vice commander from 2004 to 2006.

"I had the opportunity to work on both of these projects at their inception in 2005," said Mr. Wolborsky.

The second person is Judy Sanchez, a civilian analyst who worked at the Navy base as an expert in the Joint Region implementation.

And the third member is Maj. Rob Puckett, 36th Operations Support Squadron. Major Puckett will retire from the Air Force and work as a civilian analyst in the Andersen Development Office beginning in June.

"If anybody has any questions about what the joint region means or what's going on with the build-up, we'll do our best to address them if they have ideas," said Mr. Wolborsky.

For more information about the Andersen Development Office, visit them in the 36th Wing headquarters building, call 366-3607, or send an e-mail to Stephen.wolborsky@andersen.af.mil or Judith.sanchez@andersen.af.mil.