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Commander's Call focuses on flighline driving

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Carissa Wolff
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
Due to the increase in flight line driving incidents on Andersen's Airfield, a commander's call was held May 8. The commander's call focused on mishap prevention and how to maintain increased situational awareness when operating on the airfield.

Runway incursions are a major problem Air Force wide. Leading causes of incursions are lack of situational awareness, miscommunication, insufficient training and airfield access. 2007 Air Force statistics show that on average a runway incursion is occurring once every two days, every 16.5 days a Hazard Air Traffic Report is filed and 89 percent of runway incursions are by airfield drivers versus the 11 percent of incursions made by pilots.

During the Andersen commander's call, Captain Billy Wilson facilitated remedial flight line driving training via a power point slide show. The remedial training slide show was intended to help prevent future runway incursions on the Andersen flight line.

Some of the key points went over in the slide show were:

-If at all possible use perimeter roads to go around the runways to the Center Ramp and North Ramp areas instead of crossing the runways. Never cross the runways for convenience or as a shortcut.

-Use designated routes to and from main flight line entrance by tower. Always request and confirm permission from Tower before crossing runways.

-Do not enter Controlled Movement Areas without Tower approval and without proper Air Force Form 483 certification, "Airfield Authorized."

-Always take note of flight line speed limits.
Flight line Area (Taxiways) the speed limit is 20 MPH
Within 25 Feet of Aircraft & Vehicle parking areas the speed limit is 5 MPH
Within Restricted Areas the speed limit is 15 MPH
East and West Perimeter Roads the speed limit is 25 MPH

-Always drive on right edge of taxiway.

-Do not pass between a taxiing aircraft and a Follow-me vehicle or a taxiing aircraft and a Marshaller.

-Proceed behind the wing tip clearance line to give way to taxiing/towed aircraft, to include aircraft, equipment and vehicles. Do not cross red lines, enter through Entry Control Point's if authorized.