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Paralegal Recruiting

  • Published
  • 36th Wing Legal Office
If you are interested in a career field change and are eligible, run...don't walk your nearest base legal office and ask to meet with the Law Office Superintendent. The Air Force enlisted legal career field has been in existence since 1 May 1955 and continues to play a very prominent role in The JAG Corps. 

The paralegal role is to assist attorneys in providing legal guidance to commanders, first sergeants and other key personnel on a broad spectrum of legal and quasi-legal matters. Paralegals supports virtually all areas of the legal office, to include military justice, claims, civil law, operational readiness, legal assistance, contract and environmental law. Within these divisions paralegals conduct legal research, interview witnesses, brief newcomers, draft legal reviews, and support investigations of serious incidents, such as aircraft, missile or rocket accidents. 

The paralegal career field is extremely interesting and very challenging. It is rewarding for individuals looking for a career that gives them independence in their work, personal growth, and most importantly, a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day. If this is what you are seeking, becoming a paralegal may be right for you. 

Contacting the Law Office Superintendent is your first step in the paralegal retraining process. She will conduct an informal interview with you and offer you the opportunity to talk with other paralegals. If still interested, you will be asked to bring letters of recommendation from your commander, first sergeant and supervisor along with some additional documents to a formal interview with the Law Office Superintendent. 

If you meet the requirements and the Law Office Superintendent recommends you for retraining, you will meet the Staff Judge Advocate for an interview. If the Staff Judge Advocate recommends you for retraining, you're well on your way to becoming an Air Force paralegal. 

For more information about the paralegal career field, please contact the base Law Office Superintendent at 366-6081.