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Space A travel policies on Andersen

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  • 734 Air Mobility Squadron
Do you long to travel to exotic places? Maybe you're just trying to get back to the mainland by utilizing the benefits of being a military member, Department of Defense stateside hired civilian, retiree, and/or spouse. If any of these scenarios sounds like you, then call or visit the Andersen Passenger Terminal. This article will familiarize you with the Department of Defense Space Available Travel Program, commonly known as "Space-A travel."

The DoD authorizes passengers to occupy surplus seats on DoD-owned or controlled aircraft after all space-required passengers have been accommodated. The only costs associated with Space-A travel are meals and head tax/inspection fees (if applicable): Dependents of E-4 and below and space required passengers are charged a reduced price of $3.30 per box lunch and all others $3.85 per box lunch. If an aircraft is commercially contracted to the U.S., there will be a head tax and federal inspection fee totaling $27.40 per person.

So what does it take to fly Space-A? Surprisingly, very little. In fact, for most destinations all you need are the same documents you would take on a commercial flight.

Active Duty Members and Stateside hired DoD Civilians
- Valid military ID card
- Leave authorization - uniformed members must be on leave prior to signing up for 
- Environmental and Morale Leave paperwork
- Proof of citizenship or Passports for DoD Civilians
- Passport/Visa for certain countries

Active Duty Military Dependents
- Valid military ID cards for travelers over 10 years of age
- Proof of citizenship (birth certificate or passport) to return to the U.S. Mainland
- Passports/Visa to enter certain countries
- Command Sponsorship letter or EML paperwork (for travel without sponsor only)

Military Retirees and Dependents
- Valid military ID cards
- Proof of citizenship (birth certificate or passport) to return to the U.S. Mainland
- Passports/Visa to enter certain countries

Categories of Travel
Category 1 Unfunded Emergency Leave. 

Category 2
Active duty/DoD civilians (with or without dependents) on Environmental and Morale Leave. 

Category 3
Active Duty on ordinary leave (with or without dependents) and permissive 
TDY for the purpose of house hunting. 

Category 4
Unaccompanied dependents of active duty military members or DoD civilians on Environmental and Morale Leave; Department of Defense Education Activity teachers on school break (with or without dependents); dependents of military members deployed 120 or more consecutive days (with orders and letter from commander); retirees in commonwealths and U.S. possessions with a health care referral for medical attention/service. 

Category 5
Permissive TDY for other than house hunting; command/non-command sponsored dependents traveling unaccompanied (not utilizing Environmental and Morale Leave). 

Category 6
Retirees and Reservists/National Guardsmen.

Now that you know what you need to fly Space-A, the next question is how do I sign up? At Andersen, there are three methods to sign up: (1) Sign up in person (see an agent or utilize our kiosk machine for CAC holders). We are located right across from the BX/Commissary, (2) Fax in a completed AMC Form 140 to 366-3984. This form can be found online by using any major internet search engine such as Google/MSN or stop by our terminal to pick up a form (3) Visit our website online using a CAC-enabled computer at: Simply click on the "Sign-up request", fill out the required information and your form will automatically be sent to our Passenger Services agents upon completion. Our website also offers a wealth of information about the Space-A process to include baggage weight allowances and the prohibited items list. We highly recommend you visit our website prior to signing up.

Base housing residents can also tune in to channel 71 on their cable network to view the latest flight schedule and other pertinent information. Members can also call our automated flight recording at 366-2095 for updates. If you prefer to talk to a Passenger Service Agent, call 366-5165 for assistance.

Prospective passengers will automatically be removed from the Space-A register after remaining on the list for 60 days,  when travel authorization(s) or if their leave has expired, whichever occurs first. When a passenger is removed from the register, they can sign up again with a new date and time provided their leave orders or travel authorizations are still valid; retirees are allowed to sign up and receive a new date and time at the end of 60 days simply by providing their military ID card and passport.

During the non-peak season (January through May, September through December), the Andersen Passenger Terminal is closed from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily, unless there is a scheduled flight arriving or departing within this window. If this occurs, the terminal will remain open until the mission is complete and then close again until 6 a.m. The passenger terminal will remain open 24 hours a day, seven days a week during the summer high-peak season.

While you can fly to many destinations from Andersen, flights are often unpredictable. However, there are some flights which occur on a frequent basis. Some of our regular flight destinations are listed below:

Japan: Yokota AB, Kadena AB and Atsugi NAS
Korea: Osan AB
Hawaii: Hickam AFB

California: Travis AFB

One challenge facing our Passenger Services agents is disbursing flight information relating to arrival and departure missions. We are limited by regulatory guidance as to exactly what information we can discuss and when we can disclose it to the public. This is a result of heightened security measures in response to September 11, 2001.

The key to a successful Space-A experience is proper planning. Give yourself plenty of time to travel just in case there are unexpected delays. Plan your route and know what accommodations are available at each stop. Please be aware that not all locations offer the same services. Always have a "Plan B" to include having enough funds onhand to purchase commercial airfare, if necessary. During high traffic periods such as spring break and the summer months, seats on flights are more competitive.

While there are never any guarantees when it comes to Space-A, it is still the safest, most affordable and friendliest ride in town; especially if you are willing to put a little work into planning your trip. Give us a call or stop by our terminal, we are eager to show you just how easy it is to catch a "hop," and we hope to make your experience an enjoyable one.