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Leadership changes as Airmen continue the course

  • Published
In times of change, we must make a renewed focus to execute our mission with excellence and professionalism at every level.

In recent visits to three Air Force bases, Secretary of Defense Gates recognized the efforts of Airmen around the world in the war on terrorism. "Without your contributions in the sky, and in many cases on the ground, America's war effort would simply grind to a halt," he said.

On June 9, Secretary Gates publicly announced his recommendations to fill the top two Air Force leadership positions. He has asked the President to nominate Michael Donley, currently the DoD director of administration and management, as Secretary of the Air Force, and Gen. Norton A. Schwartz, currently commander of U.S. Transportation Command, as Air Force Chief of Staff.

As we press forward through this transition, Airmen are reminded of the Air Force's core values:

 Integrity First
 Service Before Self
 Excellence in All We Do 

Airmen are encouraged to keep faith in yourself, fellow Airmen, leadership and your Air Force. 

The DoD and the Air Force are committed to putting the right leaders in the right positions to ensure continued focus on the mission.
Airmen must continue to pay attention to detail and when necessary, make course corrections along the way to ensure the mission is completed with excellence every time.

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