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Andersen combines two squadrons to welcome one new squadron

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. Sarah Mutter
  • 36th Wing Legal Office
In October of 2006, six different Air Force Bases volunteered and were selected to test a new squadron model by merging the Mission Support Squadron and the Services Squadron; creating the first Force Support Squadron in an effort to realize synergies, efficiencies and a unity of command. Now it is Andersen's turn to make the change. 

The activation ceremony of the 36th Force Support Squadron took place July 1 at the Palm Tree golf Course Ball Room here. The 36th Services Squadron and the 36th Mission Support Squadron were both deactivated and combined to form the 36th FSS.

"Flexibility is the key to airpower." We hear that phrase a lot in our every day lives as Air Force military members. We adhere to the changes that occur daily. We adapt to the new uniforms, new programs, and new co-workers PCSing in. It is a way of life that many people would have a hard time getting accustomed to, but change is something we do to better ourselves and attempt to make our lives easier in the end. Why do you think we PCS so much? A newer, more efficient and effective idea will always be out there, which means there will always be a continuous flow of change.