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Air Force Association Chairman of the Board Robert "Bob" Largent visits Andersen

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Nichelle Griffiths
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
In his first stop in the Pacific region, the chairman of the board to the Air Force Association visited here July 13 to speak with Airmen about the AFA's mission, the key challenges the Air Force faces today, the significance of the Air Force presence in the Pacific and the recent changes in the senior leadership.

Bob Largent has actively served in the AFA since 1974. He has been chairman of the board for nearly four years and, although it's not a paid position, he volunteers roughly 25 percent of his time to working with the AFA.

No stranger to the Air Force, Mr. Largent commissioned through Air Force Reserve Officer Training Course in 1968 and served more than 24 years active duty service, retiring as a colonel in 1992. He said he continues to serve in the AFA because he believes in what it stands for and what it does.

"It's my way of giving back in a small way to a service that is my life," he added.

Advocates of the use of aerospace power, the AFA's mission is to educate the public about the value of the power as a strong national defense and support the Air Force and the Air Force family.

Mr. Largent believes that one of the top priorities of AFA today is to ensure that the Air Force message gets to the public.

"It's to ensure they understand what the Air Force is doing today in the Global War On Terror and how the Air Force must prepare to continue its legacy of air superiority," explained Mr. Largent.

He believes that the challenges the Air Force faces falls into the AFA mission areas: educate, advocate and support.

"We educate about winning the GWOT, advocate recapitalization of an aging fleet and support the Air Force and the Air Force family," he said.

Mr. Largent said he feels that the challenges the Air Force faces today are the most significant and comprehensive challenges it has faced in its 61 year history and it's the AFA's responsibility to perform their mission now more than ever.

"The Air Force has never needed the Air Force Association like it does today," Mr. Largent explained.

He expressed that the Airmen assigned to the 36th Wing play a vital role not only in the GWOT but also projecting Air Force airpower to the largest land and geographic area on earth, the Pacific Command.

"Preparing for and accounting for a possible conflict is a very real need, and the Air Force is positioned on Guam to be the tip of the spear in projecting U.S. national power in a joint environment," he said. "This enables the Air Force to protect the U.S .and its interests here in the Pacific."

Mr. Largent has confidence in the new Air Force senior leadership.

"Acting Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley and nominated Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz are outstanding leaders and thinkers, they are the right individuals at the right time in our Air Force and I am confident that they will lead the Air Force through the challenges in an outstanding fashion," he said.

The Air Force today faces many challenges but through it all the Air Force Association is here to educate, advocate and support the Air Force and the Air Force family.

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