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Andersen commissary takes security to next level

  • Published
  • By Airman Carissa Wolff
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
Team Andersen's commissary recently installed a new security system in efforts to upgrade, improve loss prevention and deter potential shoplifters from obtaining five-finger discounts.

The 21 cameras were installed in mid-February, and according to the base commissary management, there have been no thefts or illegal activities on or around the premises since the installation.

"We're using the new security system as a deterrent measure within the store," said Gary Whitmire, Defense Commissary Agency Andersen commissary director. "This new security system is being put in every commissary in the world. There are also intercom systems on the way for all commissaries."

Patrons are aware of the new security system due to a monitor over the ID desk that shows a live video feed of each person coming into the store, said James Dellinger, DeCA Andersen deputy commissary director.

The cameras are throughout the sales floor areas, parking lot and stock room and also cover every entrance or exit to the facility.

The cameras provide 360-degree vision capabilities as well as zooming capabilities, Mr. Dellinger said.

"These cameras can zoom in close enough to record license plate numbers, faces or identifying details in the event of a criminal activity," Mr. Whitmire said. "The cameras are also very clear in picture and are part of a state-of-the-art system."

Another attribute of the new system is its ability to burn partial portions of recordings, which management are able to then provide to authorities for investigative purposes.

"This system is great because not only does it provide a way to improve our loss prevention program, but it also provides better security for our patrons who shop here," Mr. Dellinger said.