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Andersen softball teams showcase athletes’ prowess year-round

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Shane Dunaway
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
For all Team Andersen athletes seeking opportunities to shine on the diamond, the Andersen Bombers and Lady Bombers softball teams provide a year-round outlet for anyone interested in unleashing their competitive spirits.

Approximately 18 men and 22 women make up the Andersen Bombers and Lady Bombers teams respectively. Each team holds official tryouts twice per year and holds impromptu tryouts on a case-by-case basis.

The teams practice at least once per week and play up to two games per week.

"Seeing the players [improve their skills], especially on the women's team, is the best part of coaching to me," said Staff Sgt. Chad Thomas, head coach for both teams. "Sometimes we get people who become really high quality ball players. To see them go from not being able to hit the ball to becoming really good hitters is gratifying to me."

For the men's team, Sergeant Thomas leads by example.

"As a player/coach, I feel like I have to prove myself twice as much to them [to deserve] to be on the field with them," Sergeant Thomas said.

The men's team currently competes in the Miller Lite Marianas Cup League and has a 7-0 record as of June 12. Staff Sgt. Justin Coronado, left fielder for the men's team, is just happy to be a part of it.

"I've been playing for the [base team] for four months," Sergeant Coronado said. "[The reason] I play for the Bombers is because I knew they were considered one of the most competitive teams on the island. My favorite part of playing softball has to be when our team is playing at a high level and people are crushing the ball offensively."

During the past year, both teams have experienced success. The men's team recently bested 21 teams to win the Guam Museum Softball League championship and placed second out of 30 teams in the Miller Lite Department of Parks and Recreation Softball League.

The women won an island-wide softball tournament held in Yigo Oct. 25 and placed second in the Miller Lite DPR Softball League.

Competing in the off-base leagues against the island's best softball players gives team members an opportunity to mingle with the local community.

"[Softball] is a great way to get involved with the local community," Sergeant Coronado said. "I believe that it's very important to get involved in the community while stationed here. Competing with the Bombers has helped me accomplish the task and has created friendships that will last."

Though the games may be very competitive, the teams remain friendly toward one another and enjoy the time spent on the diamond.

"The local teams are very good, very respectable teams," Sergeant Thomas said. "They're also very welcoming to the military. They like to see us playing down there."

For more information regarding base softball, contact Sergeant Thomas at 366-3124.

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