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Andersen AFB leadership addresses quality of life issues

  • Published
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
During a recent Heart Link session, Andersen AFB spouses discussed several areas of concern with 36th Wing Leadership.

Heart Link was introduced by the Air Combat Command Family Matters program in January 2002 and its success resulted in the program's implementation Air Force-wide. Heart Link, the Air Force spouse's orientation program, strives to strengthen Air Force families by teaching spouses about military programs, agencies and the mission, broadening their understanding of where they fit into the military picture.

Base senior leaders conferred on the issues presented by Heart Link attendees and have provided responses regarding the issues at hand and their plan of attack to help resolve these matters.

Q: Self Help is closed Sunday and Monday but housing inspections are on Tuesday - this means there is no chance for last minute runs to SH to prepare for the inspection. Is there any chance to move the hours for Self Help or the inspections?

A: Self Help's days of operation were originally Monday-Friday, but the days were changed to Tuesday-Saturday more than a year ago to provide Saturday access. Users that want to mow on Sunday or Monday can check out a mower on Saturday and keep it until Tuesday. After this comment, we looked at usage numbers the past five months and found Tuesday is the busiest day but on average, mowers and weedeaters are checked out only four times each week. We don't plan to change days at this time.

Q: Speeding on base is still a concern. Is there any chance to get more flashing 15 mph signs for those entering Santa Rosa Blvd. from Marianas Blvd? The issue is many folks don't know when the 15 mph is activated for school-in-session when accessing from Marianas Blvd.

A: The flashing light was moved to include the crosswalk at Marianas Blvd. Drivers turning from Marianas Blvd. will not see that it is a school zone, but they should believe they are still in a 15 mph zone. Civil Engineering is looking at ability to install another flashing light at the old location.

Q: Can we use the second lane at the entry if there's not gate guard there?

A: Gate guards often move under the canopy to get out of sun and/or rain when vehicles aren't present. If the right lane isn't blocked with a cone (not common), then it is open. Drivers may use the lane, and a guard should move over to check IDs.

Q: Can the shuttle bus schedule be more widely advertised via the internet, base Web site, 36th Force Support Squadron newsletter and the Joint Region Edge?

A: The schedule can be distributed through Team Andersen e-mail, periodic newspaper blurbs and e-mail distribution on the 36th Logistics Readiness Squadron calendar.

Q: Can AAFES offer a Sunday matinee G-rated movie for the kids during the summer break?

A: There were two offered over Christmas break. More are planned for other upcoming school breaks.

Q: Can housing acquire newer and more playground equipment?

A: Only $3.9M available in housing funds this fiscal year. Playground projects compete against those to continue installing generator plugs, installing patios, improving drainage and replacing typhoon shutters. Projects for additional swings and playground canopies were added for discussion at the upcoming Facility Board.

Q: Can there be Monday-Friday hours at Tarague Beach for the summer - for the Kids - just a few hours a day?

A: Yes. We'll also extend days during school spring break in April.