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Air Force Services Agency officials launch family fitness Web site

  • Published
  • By Maj. Belinda Petersen
  • Air Force Services Agency Public Affairs
In conjunction with the start of the FitFamily initiative, Air Force Services Agency officials will launch a family fitness Web site Jan. 30 as part of the Year of the Air Force Family.

FitFamily is a goal-incentive program and is open to all active duty, Reserve and Guard members, Department of Defense and civilian families, retired military members, honorably discharged veterans with 100 percent service-connected disability, and former or surviving military spouses and their family members.

To enroll in the program, families can log on to http://www.USAFFitFamily.com and click on "Register My Family." The system will send a password to each family member's e-mail.

"FitFamily is an important component of the overall Air Force fitness and health initiative and a visible part of YOAFF," said David Brittain, FitFamily program manager at the Pentagon. "The child and youth programs and the adult fitness centers will work closely together to promote the program. They will partner together and schedule activities throughout the year and incorporate FitFamily activities into already existing YOAFF events."

The FitFamily Web site provides resources, ideas and goal setting tools to help Air Force families be active, make healthy nutrition choices and have fun in an effort to promote overall wellness.

"The FitFamily program is more than just logging points, monitoring progress and earning incentives. It's about families spending quality time together and setting goals with each other," said Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James Roy, the Air Force's top enlisted Airman. "Developing and caring for Airmen and their families is a top priority. We must continue taking time to care for and honor our commitment to our families."

One benefit to the FitFamily Web site is that deployed members can still participate with their family by working on their goals at the deployed location. "FitFamily can boost the morale of deployed Airmen by keeping them involved and working towards a common goal with their family," Mr. Brittain said.

"The site will have healthy recipes submitted by Air Force families as well as other resources. The goal of the FitFamily program is for families to begin thinking about family wellness, and ultimately incorporate healthy habits and lifestyles in all aspects of their lives," Mr. Brittain said.

FitFamily goal achievement levels

The maximum number of points each family can log per day is 4,000 points. During bonus months (March, May and July), families can earn up to 8,000 points per day. Activities are based on a 60-minute activity guideline as recommended by the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.

1st level Togetherness 250,000 family points
2nd level Commitment 500,000 family points
3rd level Determination 750,000 family points
4th level Perseverance 1,000,000 family points
5th level Wellness 2,000,000 family points

FitFamily incentives at each level

1st level certificate
2nd level certificate + family highlighted on FitFamily Web site
3rd level certificate + signed letter from Air Force Services director or wing commander
4th level certificate + family article posted on FitFamily Web site
5th level certificate + signed letter from Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force

During YOAFF, FitFamily will encourage the ABCs of wellness:

A - Activities - plan activities that include all family members
B - Build - build healthy habits that will last a lifetime
C - Count - count progress; small steps each day make a huge difference
D - Day - schedule day trips, game nights and fun time to develop togetherness
E - Encourage - encourage healthy eating and cooking as a family
F - Fun - have fun as a family while creating healthy habits

Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley and Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz designated July 2009 to July 2010 as the Year of the Air Force Family, a year-long focus on Air Force programs highlighting the importance of, and commitment to, the entire Air Force family.

'The Air Force is a great place to live, work and play,'" said Mr. Mike Bensen, deputy to the commander of Air Force Services Agency. "Our focus is to make it even better for our Air Force family."