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Runway completion brings operations changes, improvements

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Mike Andriacco
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
Improvements to Andersen Air Force Base's runway are nearing completion after more than 15 months of work.

With an estimated re-opening date in mid May, the new south runway will bring added capability and safety improvements.

"The old runway was made of asphalt which contained crushed coral in the aggregate mix" said Senior Master Sgt. Todd Lewis, the airfield manager. "It was a nice hard substance but slick when it rained. The new runway brings increased weight bearing capability along with a fresh paint job and new lights."

The new runway was also designed with a system of grooves, improving rain runoff and decreasing how slick it can get when wet. Coupled with the lights and brighter paint, it creates a much safer operational environment for arriving and departing aircraft.

"The 36th Wing mission will be enhanced on all levels from contingency, humanitarian and operational support," Sergeant Lewis said.

With the South Runway being closed for more than a year, aircraft and vehicle operators have not had to use active runway procedures for crossing or proceeding onto the South Runway. This however is about to change.

"Starting April 15, all aircraft and vehicle operators will have to request approval enter or to access the controlled movement area surrounding the South Runway from the tower via two-way radio," said Tech. Sgt. Tanneka Chew, Deputy Airfield Manager. "In order for an individual to operate on the airfield, they must have been trained in accordance with 36th Wing Instruction 13-201 and have a certificate of competency endorsed by Airfield Management."

Airmen are also encouraged to use the proper airfield entry control points as often as they can.

"All drivers requiring access to the north side of the airfield or to the center should use the east and west perimeter roads to the max extent possible," said Sergeant Chew. "Requesting permission from the tower to cross the runway is not to be used for convenience so plan ahead."

Though it has been a long process and required understanding from all units on Andersen, the end is in sight and with everyone's continued assistance, the transition back to normal airfield operations will go smoothly.

"We appreciate the support we have been given over the last 15 months and the hard work that went into making the entire project a success," said Sergeant Lewis. "A lot of hard work went into making single-runway operations work while we were building the second runway. If you take one thing away from this it should be our motto, 'Ops never stops,' even with one of your two runways under construction."

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