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Andersen Family Fun night promotes reading, problem solving

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Shane Dunaway
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
Andersen Elementary School staff members hosted Andersen Family Fun Night for parents and students April 29 at the Dolphin Theater here.

The program featured various mini-workshops and technology demonstrations geared toward aiding children and parents in effective study habits, reading and problem-solving methods.

According to Dionne Miles, a kindergarten teacher from the school, events like these have been held before, but they were themed to specific subjects and spread out throughout the year.

"Our goal is to get parents involved and to allow students to show parents what they are doing in class," Mrs. Moore said.

The event also featured a crash course in curriculum standards for the students and parents to view together. Parents were also introduced to tutor.com, a free Web site that offers online tutorial help.

More than 150 parents and students packed the theater for the hour-an-a-half-long event. By going through the workshops offered, parents gained a little insight on what's going on behind the eyes of their children.

"They say family comes first and my family is definitely a priority," said Col. Jeff Vandenbussche, 36th Operations Group commander. "Andersen Family Fun Night gives me an opportunity to see how my son, Jack, is learning at Andersen Elementary School. It allows us to be actively involved in the education process and provides parents innovative ideas to help our children study after school and throughout the summer."