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36th Wing receives “EXCELLENT” rating for CI

  • Published
  • By Airman First Class Whitney Tucker
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
The 36th Wing wrapped up its week-long Pacific Air Forces Compliance Inspection here May 13, with a majority of sections receiving satisfactory results, and the wing receiving an overall rating of "excellent ."

There is no overarching pass or fail grade for CIs. Instead, critical compliance objectives, or key areas for mission success, are looked at and graded on a "complies," "complies with comments", or "does not comply" scale. According to the wing CI report, 92 percent of Team Andersen's critical compliance objectives were in compliance.

"I reviewed the last two Andersen Compliance Inspection reports along with those conducted on PACAF bases during 2010," said Maj. Bruce Murren, 36th Wing Inspector General. "We found common areas identified as deficiencies or areas for improvement and focused on those. We did unit staff assistance visits, targeted focus areas, worked with self inspection program monitors, and conducted a semi-annual self inspection in early April so we knew where the wing stood a month out from the inspection."

Over the course of the inspection, PACAF inspector general team members met with personnel from various units to discuss how their respective areas operate. Using approved regulations, IG members verified the unit's compliance with public law, executive orders, and higher headquarters directives.

"This inspection was all about Airmen performing their individual mission," said Chief Master Sgt. Margarita Overton, 36th Wing command chief. "Nothing was hidden. We were an open book because, ultimately, we welcome feedback. Being proud of what you do and knowing that what you do every day contributes to providing the President of the United States with options to decisively employ air power in the Pacific Command region is what we're all about. "

After months of hard work and preparation, Team Andersen breathed a collective sigh of relief as the last inspectors departed.

"The general consensus seems to be the inspection was pretty painless," Chief Overton said. "But it wasn't painless because they weren't digging deep, they were. It was painless because we went into it with a cooperative mindset. Everyone knew this was about executing our mission and getting better. Compliance really speaks to our core values; it takes integrity to make sure we're doing the training and taking the time instead of just pencil whipping; we proved to ourselves and to the inspectors we have integrity to spare."

Following a few days of suspense, Brig. Gen. John Doucette, 36th Wing Commander, announced the results: the wing had earned an overall rating of "excellent."

"I am extremely impressed with the level of effort Airmen across the 36th Wing put into preparing for the PACAF Compliance Inspection," said Col. Tod Fingal, 36th Wing vice commander. "Our success rests on their shoulders. I am especially proud of how well our squadron commanders, superintendents and wing staff agency division chiefs developed and executed a comprehensive plan of attack. Their leadership clearly set the tone for the entire wing."

A smile spread across Chief Overton's face as she echoed Colonel Fingal's sentiments.

"I was ecstatic when I heard that our hard work and dedication had paid off," the command chief said. "I'm so proud to be a part of this team and I look forward to what we're going to accomplish in the future. I knew we were going to do well, but it's always nice to have outsiders come in and validate that. It lets me to know I'm not just biased."