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CSA card policy changes announced

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Whitney Tucker
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
Changes concerning the use of the Air Force's new Controlled Spend Account cards were spelled out in a policy letter from Headquarters Air Force Aug. 26.

Effective immediately, personal use of the CSA is no longer authorized.

"The CSA program was implemented this year to replace the Government Travel Card," said Airman 1st Class Matthew Powell, 36th Comptroller Squadron customer service technician. "Initially, personal use of the new CSA card was allowed if a residual balance remained on the card after a member filed their travel voucher."

As of now, the CSA card may only be used for expenses related to official government travel.

"The CSA card is now used in the same way as its predecessor, the GTC, and is only available to use for official travel related expenses. Authorized expenses related to official government travel include but are not limited to airline tickets, lodging, rental cars, per diem meals and permanent change of station costs," Airman Powell continued.

According to guidance posted at defensetravel.dod.mil, the excess balance on the CSA card can be obtained by using one of the following options: 

- Electronic transfer to a personal account through Citibank's online access system or by calling them directly at 877-784-1407. On average, transactions take 48-72 hours and are free of charge.

- Travelers can call Citibank at the number listed above and request funds by check. Mailed check transactions usually take about 14 business days and are free of charge.

- A refund check will automatically be mailed to the cardholder after 60 days of inactivity on the account. Mailed check transactions usually take 14 business days, and there is no charge.

- Members can withdraw the funds from an Automated Teller Machine. The traveler has immediate access to funds up to the $500 ATM limit; however, ATM service fees and a Citibank surcharge of two percent are not reimbursable.

"As with any new system we will encounter glitches," Airman Powell said. "The most important thing to remember is the CSA card is not a debit card; members should refrain from frivolous spending. It is the user's responsibility to ensure their CSA card is paid off in a timely fashion to avoid delinquencies."

Any questions or problems can be handled through individual unit agency program coordinators.

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