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36 MDG earns 'Outstanding'

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Veronica McMahon
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
The rating 'Outstanding' echoed the walls of the 36th Medical Group while the team gathered to hear results of the triennial five-day Health Services Inspection Sept. 16.

Health Services Inspections assess Air Force Medical Service programs and processes to provide senior leadership with accurate data upon which to base policy decisions. The inspection also assessed the ability of medical units to fulfill their peacetime and wartime missions, to include evaluation of medical care and the support of the host wing's mission.

"WOW is all I can say," said Col. Peter Brewer, 36 MDG commander. "What an incredible feeling of pride swept over me after hearing the official announcement of 'Outstanding' on the Medical's Group's inspection. All of our hard work preparing for this inspection resulted in the best possible outcome."

This Air Force-wide inspection was conducted by 10 military members and three civilians.

"While they were here, 97 interviews were conducted and more than 3,200 documents were reviewed," said Capt. Damian Pardue, 36 MDG Group Practice manager.

Captain Pardue was the project manager for the inspection team designated six months prior by group leadership. In charge of coordination, the captain assigned duties to different sections and individuals, and shifts went to extended hours.

"There are so few 'Outstanding' ratings given out, it's really a validation of how the team did," said the captain. "It wasn't about one person, but the group as a whole."

Captain Pardue was one of five recognized for his performance in the clinic. The others recognized were Senior Airman Angelia Pike, Tech. Sgt. Marc Paradis, Tech. Sgt. Jamie Brewer and Denny Giramur.

"I was ecstatic at the results," Airman Pike said. "I felt like all our hard work paid off and to be recognized was a great experience."

Sergeant Paradis also agreed the hard work well worth it when the team heard the results.

"The inspection brought us together as a team," the sergeant said. "We developed a good rhythm and congealed our team. People stepped up to volunteer and offer weekend help. It was awesome to sit back and watch everyone work together."

"Without a doubt, receiving this honor is one of the most important events in my 25-year military career," Colonel Brewer said. "The 36 MDG earned this "Outstanding" by demonstrating that we constantly strive to deliver top-notch health care to our beneficiaries by always looking for ways to improve and by working together as a team, a well defined cohesive team."

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