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Andersen AFB Post Office transition Monday

  • Published
A grand opening is scheduled to be held Jan. 9, at 9:15 a.m. at the new Andersen Post Office located next to the Base Exchange.

The new site will be ready to accommodate the Andersen community at that time and will continue to sell stamps, postage for parcels and money orders.

The last day for military family housing United States Postal Service door-to-door deliveries will be Jan. 7. All MFH residents will be issued a P.O. Box and will be able to start the application process once they receive the USPS information packet during normal business hours at the current USPS window. Residents are reminded it is their responsibility to make appropriate mailing address change notifications to utilities, magazines, newspapers, etc. Note: Once you submit the change of address form, mail will be forwarded to the new P.O. Box for one year.

To facilitate the transition to the new facility, all postal services on Andersen AFB will be closed Jan. 5, 6, and 7. Please plan accordingly as no mail services will be available on base during this time. Customers are reminded they can still mail items from an off-base postal facility during this transition.

APO Customers

There will be no changes for APO deliveries. Dorm residents and existing APO patrons will keep their existing PSC 251 BOX____, APO, AP 96542 mailing addresses. APO customers have already received a notice to sign for their new mailbox combinations at the window.

As a reminder, individuals shall not use their unit's official mailing address to receive personal mail. The intent of each unit mailing address is solely to support official correspondence of the United States Government.

(Courtesy of the 36th Communications Squadron)