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Andersen’s First Four: a good start

  • Published
  • By By Airman 1st Class Marianique Santos
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
Need volunteer Enlisted Performance Report bullets? Want to expand the social network, be exposed to leadership opportunities, and be a community-involved, well-rounded Airman? If so, the First Four is a good start for you.

The First Four is an organization devoted to the morale and welfare of the first four Air Force enlisted ranks: from airman basic to senior airman.

"Basically, we help out anyone in need, do community service and organize events that boost morale and camaraderie," said Airman 1st Class Justin Czarnecki, 36th Comptroller Squadron finance services technician and First Four president.

Andersen's First Four has a plethora of activities and community involvement, to include: volunteering for Habitat For Humanity, beach cleanups, base cleanup and beautification and volunteering for Airman Against Drunk Driving that occur at least once every quarter.

"The Airmen who take on roles as executive council members and trustees in the first four have an opportunity to obtain leadership skills," said Airman Czarnecki. "Participants in a lot of our activities have the opportunity to fill up the community service section of their EPRs very easily. It also gives them the chance to be seen as active members of the community. For the new Airmen on base, First Four involvement gives them the opportunity to meet new people who they can relate to and build a network of friends."

The organization's latest project is a 5K run scheduled for Halloween this year.

The First Four is one of the three main-tier organizations at Andersen, along with the Andersen's Top Three, Senior Noncommissioned Officer Organization and Network Five Six. The organizations are interconnected through liaisons, creating an environment that is conducive to planning joint events and projects that span across the spectrum of ranks.

"We have a liaison with the Top Three, with network five six and we also have one with the first sergeant council," said Airman Czarnecki. "When we need assistance throughout the ranks, these organizations are always there to lend a hand."

Master Sergeant Beneria Hill, 36th Medical Operations Squadron clinical dentistry noncommissioned officer in charge and Anderson's Top Three liaison for the First Four, speaks of the importance of community involvement in an Air Force Career.

"It's never too early to start looking for ways to better yourself as an Airman, especially if you intend to advance to NCO ranks," said Sergeant Hill. "Anyone willing to put in the time and effort would be afforded the opportunity to gain some of the valuable leadership skills that will be of the utmost importance as they progress in their Air Force careers. There are so many unique ways for Airmen to get involved on Andersen and the First Four is the perfect gateway."

The next First Four meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 12 with a Network Five Six co-sponsored 5k Boonie Stomp meeting to follow.

*If you are interested in participating in First Four activities, please contact:

Airman 1st Class Justin Czarnecki:

*If you are interested in planning the Halloween 5K, please contact:

Airman 1st Class Branden Adams:

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