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The Andersen ADC Team: Your Independent Advocates

  • Published
  • By Captain Ian Holzhauer and Technical Seargeant Tara Padua
  • 36th Wing Judge Advocate
The Area Defense Counsel team has one mission: Defending Those Defending Freedom. The ADC office on Andersen AFB is composed of one active duty attorney and one active duty paralegal, Capt Ian Holzhauer and TSgt Tara Padua. Together, we represent active duty Air Force members in actions under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, at courts-martial and nonjudicial punishment actions. Additionally, we represent clients in a variety of other actions, including administrative discharges, referral performance reports, administrative demotion actions, and letters of reprimand/counseling.

We are a unique unit in the Air Force in that we represent you (the Airman), and not the command. We are rated by a special defense counsel chain of command, part of the Air Force Legal Operations Agency, outside the local base. As a result, we are free to advocate for you as our client, with confidentiality and complete loyalty, and without fear of any negative repercussions from the local command.

In 1983, Major General Thomas Bruton, then The Judge Advocate General of the Air Force, said, "It is not the job of the defense counsel to assist or make it easy for the Government to establish or present its case. To the contrary, the independent defense structure pioneered by the Air Force was in part established to enable defense counsel to freely make those many difficult and sometimes challenging decisions without fear of command interference or reprisal."

If questioned, remember that under military law an Air Force member suspected of committing a criminal offense has the right to remain silent and the right to consult with a military lawyer free of charge prior to making any statement. If you choose to exercise either of these two rights, we are here to help you. Further, we can assist you even before any action is taken against you and while the command is still investigating your case.

If you need of our services or have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop by our office or give us a call. We are located in Building 23028 (Back of the Mission Support Group Building) on Andersen AFB and our contact number is DSN: 366-2281.

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