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PACAF implements campaign to recognize Airmen for cost-saving ideas

  • Published
  • By Dakota Chance
  • Pacific Air Forces Public Affairs
As Air Force budgets continue to be affected by sequestration, Headquarters Pacific Air Forces implemented its Every Dollar Counts campaign June 3, 2013, as a long-term spin-off of the one-month Air Force effort in May.

PACAF is continuing the Every Dollar Counts campaign to allow PACAF Airmen the opportunity to submit their money-saving ideas in order to improve mission readiness in the midst of budget reductions.

PACAF leadership recognizes the need to push for a more cost-conscious culture for mission success. "As we move forward in these very difficult times, each of us must find innovative ways to fly, fight, and win," said Gen. Hawk Carlisle, PACAF commander.

Colonel James Peccia, PACAF's Director of Financial Management and Comptroller, echoed the commander's guidance. "PACAF continues to be affected by budget constraints under sequester," Peccia said. "It's everyone's responsibility to be aware of how we spend our dollars, and identify ways we can more efficiently use our scarce resources."

According to Peccia, some goals of the open-ended PACAF campaign is to encourage Airmen to reevaluate how we do business, and then to recognize those Airmen who have come up with better, more efficient ways to accomplish the mission. This includes considering alternatives to standard practices, whether it's to re-check equipment surveys, identify redundant requirements, eliminate waste or find other savings where possible.

"Our Airmen use resources every day in their job, across the spectrum of operations. Our Airmen know what's required, and what can be done to save our resources," said Peccia. "This program is designed to reward people who have already acted on those ideas and achieved savings."

Peccia said more than 80 ideas were submitted in the first week of the program, five of which were exactly what the command is looking for - ideas that already generated savings at their unit and can now be shared as a best practice with other units.

Staff Sgt. James Kliewer, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska, discovered that by buying 180,000 gallons of deicing fluid through the Defense Logistics Agency versus different vendor, the squadron could save $246,000 a year. Kliewer did in-depth market research while working closely with DLA representatives and the 773rd Civil Engineering Squadron to ensure the quality of the deicing fluid met military specifications. Kliewer's proposed deicing system, implemented May 2, is anticipated to save 120 personnel-hours, and cut 60 days off the original deicing fluid procurement process.

When PACAF Airmen submit an idea that has garnered savings at their wing, they may be rewarded for sharing that idea through the PACAF Every Dollar Counts program.
When an Airman submits five ideas, or one idea that saved PACAF $10,000 or more, the reward is a personal recognition letter from the PACAF commander. If an idea yielded savings of $100,000 or more, the member will receive a two-day pass. When PACAF savings amounted to $200,000 or more, that Airman will be awarded an achievement medal or a three-day pass.

"Great ideas are just the starting point," Peccia said. "If you've taken them, acted on them, and implemented something, now you have real progress which can be shared across PACAF and the Air Force. This program is centered on capturing those ideas which have been successfully implemented, and encouraging our Airmen to continue to come up with new and innovative ideas to make the best use of the resources we have."

For more information on the PACAF Every Dollar counts campaign, please visit the PACAF Every Dollar Counts webpage at http://www.pacaf.af.mil/pacafeverydollarcounts.asp.

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