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Andersen Air Force Base drinking water continues to be safe

  • Published
  • By SrA Zachary Bumpus

Andersen AFB used Pool Time chlorination tabs to sanitize a half million gallon drinking water tank that serviced the facilities on North West Field; however, Guam EPA classifies Pool Time chlorination tabs a pesticide and when this became known, the use of these tabs was immediately ceased.

The Northwest Field water tank provides water to Northwest Field only, it does not provide water to any other part of Andersen Air Force Base.

Although Andersen AFB received the notices of violation for the Northwest Field water tank, at no time was the water deemed unsafe to drink, both Guam EPA and Andersen AFB concluded that the use of the Pool Time chlorination tabs would not result in any adverse health effects. Andersen AFB conducts routine analysis of its water supply and at no point was it deemed unsafe.

Andersen AFB has fully cooperated with the Guam Environmental Protection Agency and corrective actions were taken immediately upon discovery and the use of chlorination tabs was ceased.

A fine was issued to Andersen AFB and on Jan. 15, a public notice explaining what had happened was sent to members who may have been exposed to the drinking water.