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Andersen AFB to stand up emergency shelters

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  • By 36th Wing


Andersen Air Force Base will begin standing up emergency shelters Sept. 10, 2018 at 1200 for all with base access. Priority will be given to military members, requiring bed down post-storm.


Post Storm Emergency Shelter Information:
- Emergency Shelters will be open to all with base access, with priority given to military members, requiring bed down post-storm.

- Pets cannot be accommodated due to allergy and safety concerns.

- Bring blankets, food, water, battery-operated flashlight and radio, recreational items and cash.


Emergency Shelter locations are as follows:

- PRIMARY: Fitness Center, Phone: 366-6100 (Bldg 25045). Map attached.

- SECONDARY: Youth Center, Phone: 366-3492/3490 (Bldg 1622). Map attached.

- Both shelter locations will open at noon Sept. 10, 2018, and close at TCCOR 1E.

- Both shelter locations will reopen at TCCOR 1R.


The shelters will provide:

- MREs ($5.60) and Water($1.00) for purchase - CASH ONLY

- Cots


Post Storm DFAC Hours:

- All FSS facilities, to include the DFAC will cease operations,  9 Sept at 1900 hrs.

- DFAC will reopen and resume normal operating hours pending damage assessment and will allow dependents to eat at cost as able


Post Storm Water/MRE Distribution Plan: 
- Personnel can purchase Water ($1.00) and MREs ($5.60) at the DFAC, pending damage assessment.

Monday - CLOSED

Normal operating weekday hours:
Breakfast: 0530-0830 
Lunch: 1030-1330 
Dinner: 1630-1930 
Midnight meal: 2330-0030

Normal operating weekday hours:
Brunch: 0600-1230
Dinner: 1630-1900
Midnight meal: 2330-0030

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