The benefits of Expedient and Expeditionary Airfield Damage Repair

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The 356th Expeditionary Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force (BEEF) Squadron (EPBS) based at Andersen AFB, Guam, recently deployed a 16-person team to engage in a 48-hour Expedient and Expeditionary Airfield Damage Repair (E-ADR) exercise.

The purpose of E-ADR is to continue expanding airfield opportunities, allowing for repairs to be completed by more agile teams.

The primary objective of this exercise was to demonstrate the team’s proficiency under prescribed time constraints when repairing a specified number of craters from a simulated airfield attack. Preparation for this exercise involved intensive training by the 554th Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineer Silver Flag cadre who taught various stages of the E-ADR process, reinforcing their expertise in the multi-step repair method. 

This type of exercise is a vital component of civil engineering operations in a continency type environment and the 356th EPBS are paving the way in helping set the theater for potential future conflicts in the Indo-Pacific Region.