Linebacker of the Week: Tech. Sgt. Brittany Wallace

  • Published
  • By U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Aubree Owens

U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Brittany Wallace, pharmacy flight chief of the 36th Healthcare Operations Squadron, was recognized as the 36th Wing’s Team Andersen Linebacker of the Week at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, March 30, 2022. The Team Andersen Linebacker of the Week recognizes outstanding enlisted, officer, civilian and total force personnel who have had an impact on achieving Team Andersen’s Mission, Vision and Priorities. Since arriving at Andersen AFB in June of 2020, Wallace has lead the five-member team and manages $1 million in executing pharmacy operations. Wallace and her team ensure the safe delivery of 39,000 prescriptions to 16,000 beneficiaries annually. “I love being able to help take care of families in times of need,” said Wallace. “The retiree population is near and dear to my heart because I come from a family of Veterans. Being able to help take care of those that paved the way for me to be here today, is just a small way that I’m able to give back.” Although the pharmacy at the 36th Medical Group primarily serves retirees, service members and their dependents, they also prepare deployment medication kits in support of the Bomber Task Force mission. She has created 15 deployment medication kits and processed 876 prescriptions in support of 322 BTF sorties. “Tech. Sgt. Wallace directly impacts PACAF’s joint force defense capabilities,” said U.S. Air Force Maj. Alexander Brown, the pharmacist flight commander. “The medications she provides safely maintains the BTF operations and enables immediate care for deployed personnel.” Wallace’s influence has grown beyond just the work she’s done at the 36 MDG. Shortly after arriving here, she became the Sister Village Sister Squadron representative for her squadron, 36 HCOS, which partners with the local village of Agat. The SVSS Program enables the base and local community to strengthen their relationship through good-neighbor projects and cultural immersion of military members. “I love giving back and being able to get my family involved in the community,” said Wallace. “I also thought that it was really important that we learn as much as we can about Guam and the culture here, since this is my families first time outside the United States.” As the 36 HCOS representative, she has teamed with the Agat Mayor’s Office to lead eight events over the past six months. These projects provided over 435 students access to education in a safe environment and saved the village $50,000 in refurbishment costs. The term Linebacker is rooted deep within Team Andersen’s history. Operation Linebacker II took place on Dec. 18, 1972, and was the largest number of heavy bomber strikes launched by the U.S. Air Force since the end of World War II. During the operation, B-52s from Andersen flew round-the-clock bombing missions over North Vietnam to destroy major targets in Hanoi and Haiphong in an effort to bring the Democratic Republic of Vietnam back to negotiations. The recipient will have the opportunity to sign a “Linebacker” football jersey that will be displayed in the Wing Headquarters building. Way to go, Wallace!