Shaping the Future from the Forward Edge

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  • By 36th Wing Command Team

Team Andersen,

This week we honor National POW/MIA Recognition Day on September 17th and celebrate the United States Air Force’s 74th Birthday on the 18th. Please join your fellow wingmen in celebrating our heritage and remembering the great pioneers who sacrificed and led the way in creating the greatest air power the world has ever seen. As we honor and celebrate our past 74 years, the 36th Wing Command Team wants to take this time to thank each and every one of you.

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to the United States and to the American people. Today, Team Andersen delivers airpower, expands combat capability, and strengthens partnerships from the Forward Edge of the Indo-Pacific…all the while advancing our current fight against the coronavirus. Your efforts over a summer of joint operations and exercises has been felt, noticed, and appreciated. The success of these events was largely carried on your shoulders each and every day.

In celebration of our 74th Birthday and in recognition of a job well done, this Friday, 17 September, will be a 36th Wing Down Day. Please take this time to reflect on our common history as Airmen, and enjoy some well-deserved rest and recovery (Units will manage as needed to ensure essential functions continue). 

Additionally, as we celebrate our heritage let us never forget our Team Andersen Airmen who are still missing in action.

June 18th 1965, Arc Light I

Maj James Monroe Gehrig

Captain Tyrell G. Lowry

Captain Robert A. Armond

Captain Frank P. Watson

First Lieutenant James A. Marshall

Master Sergeant Harold J. Roberts Jr

Technical Sergeant William E. Neville


June 7th 1967, Arc Light

Major General William J. Crumm

Captain David F. Bitten-Bender

Master Sergeant Olen Mclaughlin


December 18th 1972, Linebacker II

Major John F. Stuart

Captain Thomas W. Bennet, Jr.

Master Sergeant Arthur V. Mclaughlin


Prisoner Of War-Missing In Action

Major Frank A. Gould


Prisoner Of War-Died In Captivity

Lieutenant Colonel Keith R. Heggen



Brig Gen Sloane

Col Aragon

CMSgt Payne