Shipping Your Vehicle



Vehicle RegistrationVehicles coming from foreign bases must comply with all U.S. safety and EPA exhaust emission standards, including a working catalytic converter, and must obtain Guam registration.

All vehicles arriving on Guam must pass a safety inspection once they arrive on island. State-issued safety certificates are not recognized by the Government of Guam. There is a safety inspection station on Andersen as well one at the Naval Station. Temporary transport permits are available to move vehicles from the pick-up point to a safety inspection station.

The Territory of Guam (including Andersen AFB) has a Financial Responsibility Law in the amounts of $25,000/$50,000/$20,000. Private vehicle owners must have sufficient current insurance to meet this requirement.

If your current insurer does not cover vehicles on Guam, consider obtaining a letter from them stating that you have had no claims (if appropriate), which could earn you a lower rate with local insurance companies. Because damage from typhoons is considered an "Act of God," many insurance policies consider adding a "typhoon" rider to your policy.

Shipping your Vehicle

To avoid local transportation expenses as well as difficulties when arriving, you should consider shipping vehicle in plenty of time to ensure your car arrives when you do or well before.

Those shipping a vehicle from a foreign country you must ensure that the vehicle complies with all United States EPA vehicle emission standards and is equipped with a catalytic converter. Foreign cars must also comply with all the usual safety standards (lights, reflectors, turn signals, no cracked windshields, good main and emergency brakes, horn, seatbelts, rear view mirror, good tires, etc.)

Members shipping American or European-made cars should buy and ship common repair and replacement items--oil, gas, and air filters, injectors, spark plugs, etc. Because repairs are expensive, and ordering even common parts for American or European brand vehicles can take as long as 8-10 weeks, vehicles should be in tip-top shape before shipping. American/European vehicle dealerships are small and some brands are not represented.

Local Motor Vehicle Regulations

Spouses are required to obtain a Guam Driver's license within 30 days of arrival. No test required if the spouse possesses a valid state license. All others will be required to take both written and road tests. Active duty members are exempted under the Soldiers and Sailors Act.