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AOSC offers scholarship to Andersen students

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Angelique Smythe
  • The Pacific Edge
The Andersen Officers' Spouses Club is providing scholarships for continuing education students and for graduating high school seniors.

There are two scholarships for the continuing education students - one for tuition and the other for textbooks.

"They are essentially the same application, but they're actually two different scholarships," said Stephanie Hansen, AOSC Scholarship chairperson.

"We have the textbook scholarship because some students receive student tuition assistance and tuition scholarships reduce the amount of aid they are eligible for," she said.

All applications are due March 23.

Applicants will have to write a 300- to 500-word essay describing what specific event, experience or person has inspired them to pursue a higher education.

For more information, e-mail Mrs. Hansen at aoscscholarshipchair@yahoo.com or visit either the library, Airman and Family Readiness Center, high school counselor, education office, or the AOSC Gift Shop.

"We welcome as many applicants, and we hope to have a large pool to choose from this year," said Mrs. Hansen. "This year we have more than $20,000 to give away."

The money for the AOSC Scholarship is generated from the AOSC Gift Shop.

"Based on the revenues from the gift shop, the staff gives a percentage to the AOSC and then the AOSC divides the money to various charitable organizations and our scholarships," said Mrs. Hansen.

The scholarship committee determines how much each student receives.

"Based on how many applications we receive, we allocate the money and then we have a judging committee that does not consist of AOSC members," said Mrs. Hansen. "Generally, we try to represent the enlisted, officer and civilian members of the military community."

Because this is confidential, the names of the students are omitted. This is so the judges will judge solely on the application information in case they should know any of the applicants.

This process is done between March and May.

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