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Old Hagatna Grill joins Andersen for appreciation meal

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Carissa Morgan
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
To thank Airmen and their families for their continued service and expose them to a taste of the meals available off base, the 36th Services Squadron invited the Old Hagatna Grill staff to prepare and serve lunch at the Magellan Inn May 24.
The invitation was also a part of services quarterly restaurant initiative.
Marie Leon Guerrero, the project manager of the contracting company with Magellan Inn, said "It boosts troop morale and is a great way to network and expose the downtown establishments."
Services wanted to provide a change of scenery in the menu for the base community, said Staff Sgt. Christopher Oliver, the noncommissioned officer of the services store room.
"The restaurants selected for this initiative come here to advertise and promote their restaurant," he said. "We are also bringing things from off base to provide servicemembers variety and opportunities to sample various products through this initiative."
The quarterly restaurant initiative also helps the communities.
"I like to think of these events as a (way of saying) thanks to the local community off base," said Sergeant Oliver. "With these initiatives we get the base involved with the local community."
The Old Hagatna Grill didn't hesitate before accepting the offer.
"It didn't take the Old Hagatna Grill long to sign on," said Ms. Leon Guerrero. "They realized quickly the value of coming to Andersen."
"This is providing us with the opportunity to get our name out there to get some exposure and to reach new people," said Chris Aguon, the executive chef of the Old Hagatna Grill.
The Old Hagatna Grill is located in Hagatna, Guam. This restaurant has a variety of dishes on the menu: short ribs, scalloped potatoes, and bok choi, just to name a few.
Ryan Juico, the bar manager for the Old Hagatna Grill, added, "We're here to provide good food, good drinks and good service and we just hope everyone enjoyed it."
Besides the Old Hagatna Grill there have been four other that have participated in the base restaurant initiative: Sam Choys, The Jamaican Grill, Zorba's, and The Firefly.

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