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MSG Corner: Knowledge Operations

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Marianique Santos
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
This week, the 36th Mission Support Group highlights the 36th Communication Squadron's knowledge operations.

The 36 CS knowledge operations support the mission by making information reusable, shared, protected, consistent and compliant.

"We help units with their stored information, like files in the office, appointment letters or any document with information that can make the units job easier," said Master Sgt. Alicia Mason, 36 CS knowledge operations section chief. "We come in and make sure units are maintaining information. We'll also show the unit where they are supposed to store that information, and provide them the training to properly manage it. When it is time to move or dispose information, we can train the units with the proper procedures as well."

Additionally, knowledge operations has an information aspect, which includes Sharepoint - a common access card, or CAC, accessible information sharing site for Air Force personnel - and electronic management systems. These are tools that allow the Airmen and civilian personnel to collaborate and share information without recreating it.

"The bottom line is that we are helping the war fighters out there by allowing them to find the information in a timely manner and be able to use it when needed," said Sergeant Mason.

Knowledge operations provide five services to include: records management, publications management, the Freedom of Information Act, Privacy Act management and Sharepoint.
Records management deals with maintaining government records that have historical purpose, while Publications management organizes instructions, supplements and guidance.

The FOIA and Privacy Act management deals with personnel information. FOIA enables servicemembers and prior servicemembers to obtain military records, while Privacy Act management protects information.

"We're responsible for making sure that we control the release of information and that breaches are prevented," said Sergeant Mason. "We remind groups to encrypt emails and put for official use only for sensitive information."

The unit's latest project is developing a new Sharepoint training.
"We started with the 36 CS, but we're trying to push this out there," said Sergeant Mason. "There's so much more to Sharepoint than we are currently utilizing it for. This will allow units to work more efficiently."

In addition to that, the Water Cooler, which could be accessed through Sharepoint, is also recently made available to the Andersen network users. It has information about what happening on base, such as the wing run; a substitute to sending tons of emails about multiple events.

With all their services and projects, knowledge operations remain stead fast in supporting the war fighting mission, protecting Airman information and helping the Air Force win the war in air, space and cyber space.

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