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Air Force Biomedical Science Corps celebrates 53rd anniversary

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  • 36th Medical Group

ANDERSEN AIR FORCE BASE, Guam -- Each year the Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) celebrates Biomedical Science Corps (BSC) Appreciation Week to honor the hard work, dedication and diversity of BSC Airmen all over the world.

This year’s celebration, held Jan. 22-26, marks the 53rd anniversary of the corps’ inception. The BSC was created in January of 1965 when, by Special Order CA-5, AFMS removed scientific and engineering personnel from the Medical Service Corps and combined them with the Medical Specialist Corps.

Over the past 53 years, the BSC has grown to become the most diverse of the five corps in the AFMS and includes 15 different Air Force jobs.

Across the 36th Wing, BSC Airmen can be found engaged in a wide range of duties, such as providing trusted medical care, analyzing blood samples, performing neurocognitive testing, inspecting food establishments and even testing the water we drink. The ten career fields represented at Andersen AFB include: optometry, clinical psychology, clinical social work, bioenvironmental engineering, pharmacy, biomedical laboratory, physical therapy, dieticians, physician assistants and public health officers.

The BSC mission is to provide full-spectrum health support to optimize the health and readiness of Team Andersen. It is the unity and diversity of the BSC that makes this mission successful. So, join us this week in showing our appreciation for all of our BSC Airmen here at the 36th Wing – as their motto goes: “Proud to be: BSC.”