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736th Security Forces Squadron integrates operations

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt Ryan Bradley
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs

The 736th Security Forces Squadron (SFS) has officially relocated to Northwest Field. Prior to the move, the squadron was split, with the Squadron HQ and the Contingency Response section operating on Main Base and the Commando Warrior section at Northwest Field.


This move had been talked about for years, and with the hard work of the Defenders, it has finally come to fruition. The 36th Security Forces (SF), responsible for base security, will utilize the building previously occupied by 736th.


Northwest Field is home to the Commando Warrior Pacific Regional Training Center. This training center provides a plethora of equipment and training facilities for the entire 736th and to over 1000 Airmen each year. Commando Warrior is a Pacific Regional Training Center that provides sustainment training for all Defenders. Sustainment training is broken up into four tiers, and consists of mounted, dismounted and urban operations over a span of two weeks, providing basic to advanced levels of instruction.


Commando Warrior instructors were instrumental in revamping a six-day lead in track for military working dog sustainment training, which has been adopted at all SF Readiness Training Centers. They also conduct Subject Matter Expert exchanges known as Pacific Defender outreach with foreign partners. Pacific Defender outreach is a mobile training team that provides specific training to nations in the Pacific, providing an opportunity for security forces personnel from various nations to exchange tactics, techniques, and procedures through demonstrations and hands-on exercises. These exercises build partnerships on a grand scale that showcase foreign partners and U.S. military relations with fundamental cooperation in order to counter threats within the region.


With the Contingency Response portion of the squadron moving to Northwest Field, it will now be located with the Commando Warrior section; therefore, increasing both operational readiness and capacity. The Contingency Response section provides first-in force protection for the 36th Contingency Response Group during air base openings, contingency and humanitarian assistance operations throughout the world with focus on the Indo-Pacific Command theater.


“Having the ability to co-locate the 736th was an extremely valuable opportunity,” said U.S. Air Force Major Ryan Kiggins, 736th SFS commander. “Even though the squadron incorporates two different mission sets, being able to house all the members in one location not only provides better command and control within the unit, but enables these great Defenders to mutually support each other and strengthen the capabilities of the squadron. With a smaller unit, manpower is always in high demand.”


Ease of communications, increased facility capabilities and a consolidation of efforts have allowed the 736th to seamlessly integrate into their new home. The move allows the 736th to focus on mission priorities. 736th Defenders train on static defense, integrated base defense operations, mounted and dismounted tactics, weapons, combatives and a variety of other skillsets.


“Being able to employ our combat capability in the most effective way possible, for both Contingency Response and Commando Warrior mission sets, permits the focus on multiple fronts,” said Kiggins. “The Defenders of the 736th SFS know that we are not playing a game of checkers, but we are playing a game of chess. We must ensure long-term success and mission effectiveness for the future.”