101 Critical Days of Summer: Live to play, play to live and employ a safety mindset in all you do

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Philip M. Ruhlman
  • 36th Wing Commander
Team Andersen,

Let me start out by saying 'thank you' for a successful 2008 safety
campaign. Our wing was awarded the PACAF 2008 Ground Safety Trophy thanks in
large part your dedication to the safe execution of our mission. We may have
had some challenges, but you rose to meet those challenges admirably and
helped the Air Force experience one of its safest years on record. This
year, we have done very well in our ground, flight and weapons safety arenas
and I need you to continue this success. After all, safety starts with the
individual and that principle should permeate throughout our respective

The Department of Defense is about to kick off its' annual 101 Critical days
of Summer campaign starting this Memorial Day Weekend and lasting through
Labor Day in September. This year's theme is "Live to play, play to live."
As a Service, we historically lose more Airmen during the summer months due
to increased outdoor activities and increased risk potential from those
activities. "Live to play, play to live" implies enjoying all activities to
their fullest, at the same time we must use solid risk management tools to
exercise sound judgment in our off duty and on duty responsibilities.

Our leadership is fully dedicated to providing the safest environment
possible for each of you to continue meeting our national security needs.
The mission starts with our commitment to doing the best job we can, but
balancing that with taking care of ourselves and our wingman.

The 101 Critical Days of Summer represent a great opportunity to focus on
safety in the work place and in our daily lives. Commanders and supervisors,
I challenge you to not let the focus end on Labor Day. Team Andersen's words
to live by, are "I can save my own life" and it applies year round. The
Department of Defenses' most valuable resource is its people. Pure and

The 36th Wing Mission statement is ""EMPLOY, DEPLOY, INTEGRATE, AND ENABLE
AIR AND SPACE FORCES FROM THE MOST FORWARD US SOVEREIGN AIR FORCE BASE IN THE PACIFIC." We can only execute our mission through safe and effective
mission accomplishment. "Live to play, play to live" is a great way to think
about how we will go about living our lives while projecting air power on
behalf of the US Air Force, Department of Defense and our Nation. It all
starts with you and a safety mindset in all we do.