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Andersen Elementary School educates students early on drug dangers

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Mariah Haddenham
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
Andersen Elementary School students and staff observed Red Ribbon Week Oct. 23- Oct.31 here in a effort to educate children on the effects of drugs and alcohol.

Red Ribbon Week is observed throughout the United States with its main objective being to present a unified commitment toward the creation of a drug-free America. The goal was to help educate children on healthy lifestyle choices and explain the adverse effects of drugs and alcohol.

"This week was important because drug use is being seen earlier and earlier in children," said Cynthia Jones, AES counselor. "This year's theme was 'A healthy me is drug-free' and we are trying to teach them from a young age that a big part of being healthy is staying drug-free."

The week started with the dispersal of red ribbons to staff and homeroom teachers which were then given more than 800 students at the school. The week included several different spirit days that coincided with that particular day's drug-free theme. For example children were permitted to wear caps or hats on the "Put a cap on drugs" day. The week also included an informative assembly where children where children were educated on the origin of Red Ribbon Week and its importance.

"My favorite themed day is when we all wear red," said Willette Horne-Barnes, AES principal. "To me, it shows that we are all unified in the fight against drug use. It's good for the children to see themselves, their friends, and our faculty in the color red and to have them associate it with our effort to educate them so that they can get the most out of life. Knowledge is power, and we are giving these children the power to live a healthy and fulfilling life."

For more information on living a drug-free life, contact the 36th Medical Group at 366-WELL.

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