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AFAS to help Andersen families with meal reduction program

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Cierra Presentado
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
The Air Force Aid Society is temporarily providing Andersen families enrolled in the Free and Reduced Meal Program assistance for meals, Aug. 26 - Oct. 1, 2014, due to a shortfall of regular school meals at base schools.

Families seeking assistance will be allotted $3.50 per day for each school age child for 26 days. This program only applies to families that are already enrolled in the FARM program.

"We understand families may not have been prepared for this event and that is why we are here to help," said Staff Sgt. Kamaile Long, AFAS officer. "I encourage families to come see me as soon as possible if they are seeking assistance, this program is temporary and I wouldn't want eligible families to miss out on this opportunity."

The program is designed to help benefit and relieve Air Force families of financial stress and no repayment is required.

Families seeking assistance should to visit the Airman and Family Readiness Center with proof of enrollment in the FARM program, a current military Leave and Earnings Statement and a completed AFA form. The active duty member will also need to be present during enrollment in the program.

"For families that are not qualified for the grant, but are still seeking assistance, there are other programs that AFSA can help them out with," Long said. "We look at each case closely and we try our best to get these families the support they need."

For families that may not be qualified for the grant, another option AFSA provides is the Falcon Loan program. This alternative is a loan up to $750 that can be used for emergency needs (rent, utilities, food) car repairs, emergency travel or other approved needs. To apply for this program, the member will need to apply online at the AFAS website and visit the AFRC with their application, LES and ID card.

The grant program is only available to Air Force families. Members of other branches of service should contact their family assistance programs.

For information on the grant program or other assistance programs, visit the AFSA website www.afas.org or contact the AFRC at 366-8136. To apply for the grant, contact Long at 688-0532.

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