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AFPC: No involuntary DEROS extensions

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  • 36th Wing Military Personnel Flight
The Air Force Personnel Center has matched assignments for Airmen who volunteered for Consecutive Overseas Tour with reporting dates of July, August, or September 2007.

The assignment process is slowly stabilizing with this move.

Additionally, Airmen should be relieved to know that the AFPC is not going to involuntarily extend an Airman's DEROS as a result of the assignment cycle delays.

"AFPC worked on the overseas assignment cycle match on Jan. 20, so we expect to receive assignment notification RIPs starting this week," said Senior Master Sgt. Don Martin, 36th Military Personnel Flight Superintendent. "The other good news is that personnel are not going to be involuntarily extended overseas according to H· PACAF."

While assignment notifications are expected to be processed soon, Airmen should prepare themselves for short suspenses as AFPC returns the assignment cycles to their normal timing, said Sergeant Martin.

AFPC is working on two assignment cycles concurrently. The center is working on completing the assignments match for the last overseas cycle for July, August, or September report no later than dates; that cycle has been on hold since November 2006. Because of the delay, the overseas returnee cycle for Airmen with a May, June, or July 2007 DEROS was also delayed.

On top of it all, the October, November, December 2007 overseas cycle is just around the corner.

"AFPC has back-to-back assignment cycles to work in short period of time, so expect some of the suspenses to be short," said Sergeant Martin.

One thing Airmen can do to better prepare themselves is to check the assignments webpage early and often.

"Pay particular attention to the banner page instructions on EQUAL listings and update your preferences in a timely manner," said Sergeant Martin.

According to Sergeant Martin, AFPC has created an aggressive plan of attack to get the assignment schedule back on track:

· Jan. 29 - Create the Overseas Returnee Equal Listing for Airmen with a May - July DEROS.

Note: Airmen must update their individual assignment preferences no later than Feb. 12

· Feb. 5 - Create the Overseas Equal Listing for Airmen with an October - December RNLTD

Note: Airmen must update their individual assignment preferences no later than Feb. 19

· Feb. 20 - Match Overseas Returnee cycle for Airmen with a May - July DEROS

· Feb. 26 - Match Overseas assignments for Airmen with an October - December RNLTD

"The assignment process is slowly making its way back to "normal" schedule," he said. "Keep in mind the PCS budget is still critically short so PACAF and AFPC must continue to evaluate every assignment and curtailment request against the Air Force's ability to pay."

As the AFPC moves forward with the assignment process, the MPF will continue to keep everyone informed, said Sergeant Martin.

For additional information, contact Capt. Kirsten Aguilar or Senior Master Sgt. Onofre "Don" Martin at 366-2311 or 4387.

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