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554th RHS celebrates a year on Andersen

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Angelique Smythe
  • 36 WG Public Affairs
One year ago, Tuesday, marked the day which the first Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineer permanent party arrived on Andersen.
In celebration, RED HORSE conducted a unit physical training session at the 36th Wing headquarters grounds Tuesday morning and hosted a barbeque lunch.
On Feb. 27, 2006 Airman Basic Jeremy Rich made history when he landed on Andersen straight from technical school.
"We had people on temporary duty here at the time, however, that was the start of the 554th RED HORSE on Andersen," said Chief Master Sgt. Vincent Davis, 554th RHS. "After we had more folks come in, we sent the TDY people back to Osan AB, South Korea."
All RED HORSE Airmen did not come all at once to Andersen from Osan AB, but attritted through as part of the normal PCS cycle. Everytime someone's one-year tour was up in Korea, instead of sending a replacement to Osan, they were sent to Andersen.
"So we're kind of phased in on our approach," said Chief Davis. "We're not really a new unit since we're just moving from Korea, but we are a new unit in that everybody's new here. Right now we have 103 people assigned to RED HORSE on Andersen."
The mission of RED HORSE is to provide a highly mobile, rapid heavy engineering capability to the theater commander.
RED HORSE is a self-sustaining force, so they have their own mechanics and their own services. They can deploy to an airfield for 90 to 100 days without any assistance.
"We can make our own water, make our own food, and put up our own tents - we're self-sufficient," said Chief Davis.
The 554th RHS commander, Lt. Col. Eric Yates, is still assigned to Osan AB, but he will PCS from Osan to Andersen in the beginning of April.
April is also the month in which the 554th RHS will fall under the 36th Contingency Response Group transfering from the 7th Air Force command and control.
"The 36th CRG will be our chain of command through the wing," said Chief Davis. "Partnering us with CRG and the mobility capability that they bring, we'll have a very robust capability that we'll provide and the launching platform will be here at Andersen. I think RED HORSE is going to be a good compliment to Andersen and it's mission."
Currently, the 554th RHS is building their compound at Northwest field.
"When we're done building our unit and compound, we will provide heavy engineer capability to the theater or worldwide for that matter," said Chief Davis. "Right now we're working on Northwest Field. We're building facilities and training areas for Commando Warrior, Combat Comm and Silver Flag training site."

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