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MPF customer support: your first customer service stop

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  • By 36th Mission Support Squadron
Where can friendly smiles and helpful service be found? Look no further than customer support! The customer support section is the first stop for most customers visiting the military personnel flight. 

The customer service area is responsible for directing customers to the right office within the MPF for personnel issues. Customer support is responsible for maintaining the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System to ensure identification cards can be issued to all the military active duty, Guard, reservists, retirees, and their dependents. 

This section also maintains a myriad of programs to include casualty affairs, INTRO (base in-processing), awards and decorations, promotions, reenlistments, and evaluations. They provide support and service to approximately 9,000 personnel annually. 

The officer in charge of customer support is 2nd Lt. Joshua Childers. He oversees all actions in customer service and career enhancements. Lieutenant Childers has dedicated himself to providing outstanding customer service to all customers in this job. His goals and expectations are stated and noted throughout the section. 

The NCOIC of customer support is Tech. Sgt. Scott Hagle. He brings a vast experience level which transcends to the firm leadership he provides. 

Customer Service representatives serve an average of 2,000 customers per quarter. They create 3,500 identification cards per quarter. The customer service staff consists of Staff Sgt. Jean Chabanne, Senior Airman Elsie Smith and Airman Jessica Hann. Airman Smith also runs Andersen's INTRO program. This friendly staff is highly professional and is always here to serve customers with a smile. 

Mrs. Angela Magana is the test control officer in the testing section. She tests an average of 50 personnel per month. Mrs. Magana maintains test materials and is responsible for scheduling all testing at Andersen and our GSU locations. 

Adelina Medina is the base casualty assistance representative and Survivor Benefit Plan counselor. She has added new depth to customer service by providing one-on-one counseling to service members transitioning from active duty to retirement. She is a necessary person to see before retirement. 

Tech. Sgt. Claudia Moody serves as the NCOIC of career enhancements and works to ensure reenlistments, promotions, and evaluations at Andersen is run by the book. Knowledgeable and an innovator, she brings the support needed to ensure these critical areas are top notch. 

Staff Sgt. Lawrence Lavergne runs the reenlistments, extensions, and special actions office. He is dedicated in ensuring no question goes unanswered and that each customer is treated with the same respect and commitment regardless of rank or title.
Staff Sgt. Tesha Boyd oversees the promotions office. She's responsible for officers and enlisted promotions. She is new to the team but has already become an expert on her respective field. A highly visible program where there is no room for error and Sergeant Boyd has meticulously learned promotions. 

Senior Airman Patty Jibben is responsible for processing evaluations for the base. Working closely with each CSS and with leadership, she ensures that both EPR's and OPR's are done correctly and keeps track of both late and inherited reports. This is service that is invaluable to each member at Andersen. 

The customer support and career enhancements staffs are owners of critical personnel programs and are here for everyone.

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