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Softball season to start this month

  • Published
  • By Airman Basic Evan Carter
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
The Team Andersen Intramural Softball pre-season begins April 16 with the regular season starting April 23. 

Intramural softball is open to all active-duty military, family members at least 18 years of age, and Department of Defense civilians. 

All teams must have a minimum of nine players to participate. Anyone interested must submit a letter of intent to their unit sports representative by Monday. 

If a member's squadron doesn't have enough players for a team, then the member shall be place into a "player's pool" where they will be strategically placed on another team. 

Stephen Jackson, Coral Reef Fitness and Sports Center intramural sports director, explained why he thinks it's important to participate in intramural sports. 

"It gives people a chance to get out and enjoy themselves and a chance to meet new people," said Mr. Jackson. "Everyone should remember that it is just for fun." 

Every player must have rubber cleats, not metal cleats, and a baseball glove, said Mr. Jackson. 

Anyone interested in playing or who has any questions can contact your unit/squadron sports representative or Mr. Jackson at 366-8282. 

Safety Tips

* Protective equipment is one of the most important factors in minimizing the risk of injury in baseball. This equipment must fit properly and be worn correctly. 

* Catchers should always wear a helmet, face mask, throat guard, long-model chest protector, protective supporter, and shin guards when catching for batting practice and during games. 

*Stay in condition year-round with some form of regular exercise. Start with something as simple as brisk walking. 

* Someone (a teammate, referee or spectator) should know first aid. Make sure someone on the team carries first aid equipment, particularly ice or ice packs. 

* Drink plenty of water or other fluids such as sports drinks during and after the game. 

*Before playing or practicing, inspect the field for holes, glass, rocks, and other debris. 

* Lastly, if a player starts to feel pain, discomfort or fatigue, get a coach to put in a substitute. Don't overdo it.

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