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Technology nabs fence jumper

  • Published
  • By 36th Security Forces Squadron
"I need you to exit your vehicle," the 36 Security Forces Defender ordered. "At this time, I am detaining you for illegally entering/exiting the base." 

Hours earlier, the teenage dependent had jumped the installation fence to meet with friends off-base. Little did he know, but his actions had been monitored by security forces and they were waiting for him to re-enter the base - this time as a passenger in a vehicle. 

A state-of-the-art closed-circuit TV and sensor system was responsible for detecting the unauthorized activity and sounding the alarm for the Defenders. 

The multi-unit $750,000 CCTV and sensor system represents Andersen's most recent base security technology upgrade. The first two phases consisted of camera coverage for the airfield. The third phase is still in progress and will include wide area surveillance thermal imagers designed to detect unauthorized personnel and vehicles. 

At Andersen, the integrated base defense posture includes incorporating both technology and our attentive base populace to detect potential threats. It's a winning combination. 

Editor's note: This article was provided by the 36th Security Forces Squadron.

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