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IG offers 10 tips everyone can use for UCI preparation

  • Published
  • By By Lt. Col. Hans Lageschulte
  • 36th WIng Inspector General
Only two weeks separate Team Andersen from the arrival of the PACAF inspectors and the start of our Unit Compliance Inspection. 

For your unit UCI points-of-contact, this has been an arduous six months to prepare. Several months of simulated bombs, fires, and injured personnel have put our emergency response forces at the peak of their performance. 

Our Installation Control Center has adapted and reacted to many Force Protection Condition changes, several simulated Headquarters Pacific Air Force and Pacific Command taskings, and stands ready to lead us through the most complicated operation. 

But if you're not a self-inspection monitor, an emergency responder, or on the Installation Control Center staff, you may be wondering what you can do to propel the 36th Wing forward. Because every effort counts, your 36th Wing Inspector General has assembled below is a list of 10 Things Everyone on Andersen Can Do to Prepare for the UCI. 

1. Practice Safety. Wear your seatbelts, use the right tools for the job, don't use cell phones when driving, wear your reflective belts and be ready for Guam heat.
Keep an eye on your wingman and yourself for heat illness and respect the work/rest and fluid replacement cycles annotated in the Airman's Manual (pages 182 and 216). 

2. Remember your customs and courtesies. 

3. Show pride in your unit, the 36th Wing, and Air Force. Pick up that plastic bag blowing in the wind. Seize the initiative and empty the trash instead of balancing that soda can on the top of an already full pile of waste. 

4. Put on your game face. Show you're ready! 

5. Know your Air Force Core Values. Integrity, Service, and Excellence. 

6. Look sharp with a fresh hair cut and a pressed and clean uniform. 

7. Know your unit and 36th Wing mission statement: Provide a US-based lethal warfighting platform for the employment, deployment, reception, and throughput of air and space forces in the Asia-Pacific Region. 

8. Be able to tell the IG what impact you have on the unit and wing mission. Know the difference you make! 

9. Be responsive and show enthusiasm. Your sense of urgency and positive attitude is contagious. 

10. Know where to find your reference material. Whether that's your unit bulletin board, technical orders, or AFIs, you should have an organized reference library. The UCI is an open book inspection, but that only helps if you can find the right book to open. 

We're in the home stretch for our UCI. And even though the finish line is in sight, the time to pull back and relax won't be here until the grade has been given and the inspectors are on the plane. 

Whether you think you may or may not interact with a PACAF/IG inspector, all of us make an impact. 

We're 1,400 strong! Even a small effort by each one of us can accumulate into significance, propelling the 36th Wing to exceptional recognition.

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