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Base recognizes two for increased awareness, security response

  • Published
  • By Special Agent Mark Capps
  • AFOSI Det. 6
The Vigilant Warrior Program, a joint Security Forces and Air Force Office of Special Investigation initiative, was created to increase awareness in our Air Force community.
Working in conjunction with the Air Force Eagle Eyes Program, SFS/AFOSI created bi-monthly exercises to test how quickly people report suspicious activities. The first person to contact the SFS law enforcement desk or AFOSI Det 602 to report suspicious activity would be recognized as a "Vigilant Warrior." 

Capt. William Lujan from the 36th Medical Group and Jeffrey Crandell, a base contractor and 44th Aerial Port Squadron reservist, were the first two be recognized for reporting suspicious activity. 

The first exercise occurred on April 10, when a suspicious individual entered the 36 Medical Group and began asking Public Health personnel about response times and capabilities if a weapon of mass destruction incident occurred on Guam. 

Captain Lujan deferred answering any questions and directed the individual to his commander, who in-turn contacted AFOSI. 

The second exercise occurred on April 12, at 7 a.m.
"Grass cutters" arrived at the main gate entrance and began taking notes and photographing entry control procedures. 

On his way into work that morning, Mr. Crandell, a contractor on base and 44th Aerial Port Squadron reservist, noticed the suspicious activity and alerted AKAL security guards as he passed through the main gate. Security forces arrived soon after and took control of the scene. 

According to the Air Force Eagle Eyes pamphlet, suspicious activity can take many forms, including the following:
Surveillance: videotaping, photographing, note taking, binocular use;
Elicitation: Soliciting information through e-mail, fax, telephone or in person; remember...this type of activity can take place anywhere and anytime - not just on base;
Tests of Security: Attempts to measure security response times, attempting to gain access to secured areas;
Acquiring Supplies: Purchasing/stealing explosives, weapons, ammunition, uniforms, decals, flight manuals, passes or badges;
Suspicious Persons Out of Place: People who don't seem to belong in the workplace or neighborhood'
Dry Run: Executing the criminal act procedures, but not following through with the criminal act (i.e., bombing, kidnapping)'
Deploying Assets: People and supplies getting into position and executing the actual criminal act' 

This month's Vigilant Warriors each received a certificate of recognition, $20 in "Services Bucks" courtesy of 36th Services Squadron, lunch for two, Baskin Robbins for two and movie passes for two courtesy of the Army Air Force Exchange Service. 

It's only through the continued vigilance of all our military, civilian and dependent personnel that we can protect our people, resources and mission. 

Each month there will be two Vigilant Warrior exercises dealing with suspicious activity on and around Andersen or involving military members in the community. 

Be the first to recognize suspicious activity; report it and you could be the 36th Wing's next Vigilant Warrior.

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