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A safe Independence Day means responsible choices

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Joe Hayslett
  • 36th Wing Safety Office chief
Ladies and Gentlemen, the 36 Wing Safety Office hopes you enjoyed a wonderful and safe 4th of July holiday! As we approach the mid way point of the "101 Critical Days of Summer" we want to remind you of some guidelines to help you continue your streak of fun throughout the summer. 

Here at Andersen we have experienced a safe summer so far while other areas within our Air Force have lost seven individuals to accidents. Six of these accidents were motor vehicles and one was a water related sports and recreational event. Please remember to drive safe, give yourself plenty of room for reaction to unexpected traffic changes, wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensure your vehicle is in proper working order before departure. 

Next, never drink and drive! Even the smallest amount of alcohol can have detrimental effects on your reaction times and ability to avoid accidents. If caught driving under the influence you risk your career, your life and the life of another individual(s). You risk the life of anyone who may be riding with you or you come in contact with during your accident. Use a Designated Driver, call Airman Against Drunk Driving, call a taxi, call a shuttle, stay at a friend's house or get room at a hotel and spend the night. ALL cheaper and safer alternatives than risking driving under the influence! 

Additionally, please remember to respect the water and dangers on our beautiful island. Whether you are an avid diver, just like to wade out in the water or float around and cool off, each event can pose dangers. If you swim at the beach or the pool, remember a lifeguard MUST be present before you enter the water. You MUST swim within the buoyed area only at the beach and please do not forget your sunscreen. If you have children remember to keep them under a watchful eye at all times and NEVER let them swim alone either in a pool or at the beach. 

Last, while enjoying the summer practice your safety training continually and remember to Assess the situation, Consider your options and what is the safest way to proceed then Take the appropriate actions to keep you, your friends and family safe!
Remember, you can save your own life with just a little forethought and ACTion!

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